Daily Kos Week in Review: Barack Obama, DINO

It wasn't a good week for those Kossacks who still believed that President Obama was the Great Progressive Hope. A Washington Post report that Obama is open to entitlement cuts was especially discouraging to many on the left.
On Friday, one Kossack asserted that Obama has absolutely no principled reason for being a Democrat, and another suggested that Obama is (perhaps subconsciously) a GOP mole. That's a nasty accusation given what the Kos gang thinks about Republicans (see below). As usual, each headline is preceded by the blogger's name or pseudonym.

BrooklynBadBoy: Obama is a Democrat by process of elimination
...President Obama...has no political ideology...
...Obama is a Democrat, but only because he has no choice. You can't get elected without a major party and he has no chance in the Republican Party because he isn't a right wing nutcase...
Eric Stetson: Obama isn't really a Dem at all
...[W]e have a Republican president in Democratic clothing. In other words, Democrats nominated and elected a president who is, for all intents and purposes, a trojan horse for the other side.

I don't mean that Barack Obama was secretly a conservative who had a stealthy and brilliantly executed plan to get elected as a Democrat and then ruin that party from within. What I mean is that, regardless of his actual beliefs or motivations, the effects are the same...

Mark Sumner: The GOP is prone to 'fit[s] of auto-cannibalism'

...The whole "if a little is good, then more must be better" theory that is practically the formula for modern conservatism on any subject from tax cuts to school vouchers is an constant invitation to find ways to destroy our own system; a recipe for guaranteed overreaction. It's a prerequisite of any Republican presidential candidate -- don't have a reasonable response to any issue, always, always, always go overboard. Following this scheme leads to an inward facing fit of auto-cannibalism. To an acute disorder known as Conservatitus...

Rick Aucoin: The Republican party is a faith-based cult

...We have one political party that runs from Liberal to Pro-Corporate, and another political party that is...a cult. That scorns facts, reason, education.  They argue subjects as matters of faith, not as matters of fact.  And you will make no more headway with them on the subject of trickle down economics than you will on the subject of the divinity of Christ.

Because their view on trickle down economics and the divinity of Christ comes from the same parts of their brain...

Meteor Blades: Conservative patriotism = jingoistic racism
...Our nation is awash in purveyors of what makes a true patriot and what does not in terms Il Duce would have loved. They equate aggressive nationalism with patriotism, dissidence with treason, love of country with love of leaders. Such upsidedownism is a hallmark of right-think. For two and a half years, Beck and a boatload of like-minded others have been fabulously well-paid to spread their poison about liberals, in general, and Barack Obama, in particular. Unlike the purveyors of Manifest Destiny who had no need to hide their desires for a white man's America, today's pretend patriots, all too many of them grifters, wink, nod and dog-whistle their way through the script...
RavagerOfWorlds2: The right dreams of 'corporate anarchism'
...Al Qaeda only dreamed of doing the sort of damage that Republicans are willing to inflict on America...

...[T]he overall hatred of government in Conservative Circles...led to the bombing of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City. This sort of hatred led to the Civil War. This sort of hatred is destroying America.

And the traitors to America are smiling on prime time. They're being extolled for their virtues. They're getting a free pass while they are slitting all of our collective throats for their corporate backers. The dream of the conservative movement, is to turn all of America into Somalia; without government, without security, and a free for all of the "free market." Their dream is corporate anarchism, and the death of our republic.

Kaili Joy Gray: Pro-lifers are 'terrorist, murderous scumbags'

...Here's a little unsolicited tip to the "pro-life" movement. You want people to stop accusing you of being the terrorizing, murderous scumbags you are? Stop being terrorist, murderous scumbags. That just might be a good start.


Tom Johnson
Tom Johnson
Tom Johnson is a contributing writer for NewsBusters