AFP Pic Caption, Video Description: 'Tea Party Radicals Rally on Tax Day'

A photo taken at a Tea Party demonstration in Boston carried at Yahoo News carries the following caption (HT Powerline):

VIDEO: April 15 was tax day in the United States, and Tea Party radicals used it to stage demonstrations across the country, including near the site of the original Boston Tea Party revolt of the colonial era.

The photo was grabbed from an Agency France-Presse video with an identical description. The pic and caption follow the jump:



John's reaction at Powerline:

Spending our country into bankruptcy? Sensible! Trying to get a handle on our national debt? Radical! Such is the topsy-turvy political world in which we live.

The video at AFP's YouTube account, where embedding has apparently been disabled, is worth a look for its final few seconds, the time during which the picture involved was captured. The pictured Tea Partier endures an intolerant pro-union rant, where the roughly transcribed words which follow don't do justice to the hostility displayed:

The Tea Party means cutbacks for all of us. ... unions are here to tell you, you're not welcome in Boston.


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Tom Blumer
Tom Blumer
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