AP is 'Absolutely Protecting' MA-06 Dem Incumbent John Tierney Against GOP Challenger Bill Hudak

MA06CongressionalDistrict2010UPDATE: A 12:16 p.m. AP report gets to details the initial report (not labeled "breaking") should have contained.

In an unbylined Associated Press story about the wife of incumbent Democratic Massachusetts Congressman John Tierney pleading guilty in a federal tax case, the wire service fails to mention which district Tierney represents. Far worse, it only reports that Tierney "is facing a Republican challenger in next month's election," and doesn't even name him.

Gosh, we wouldn't want actual voters to react to the news that a Democratic Congressman's wife helped her brother evade taxes on millions of dollars of income by possibly identifying Tierney as their congressman, identifying his opponent, and actually voting for that opponent, now would we? No, that just wouldn't be right. It would seem that "AP" stands for "Absolute Protection" -- of Democratic incumbents.

For the record, Republican Bill Hudak is challenging Tierney in the Bay State's Sixth District (map at right).

Here's a graphic capture of the AP's Democrat incumbent-protecting four-paragraph report:


Of course, we're supposed to believe (because apparently no one is asking about it) that Tierney, like Sgt. Schultz in the 1965-1971 TV series "Hogan's Heroes," knew nothing -- nothing!! -- about his wife's illegal activities.

Tierney is apparently avoiding Hudak:

“It's either intentionally untrue, or Congressman John Tierney is as out of touch with his campaign staff as he is with his constituents,” commented Bill Hudak, candidate for U.S. Congress in the Massachusetts 6th Congressional District, when learning of the Congressman's press release yesterday claiming Hudak is stalling on scheduling debates. “A simple call to any of the 13 frustrated debate hosts we have lined up would make crystal clear that it's Mr. Tierney who is engaging in delay tactics and now refusing to debate,” Hudak challenged.

There's also this from Hudak's blog:

“The issues facing our nation and this district are enormous, and as candidates for Congress we are obligated to present our positions and solutions to the voters,” stated Hudak. “In Congressman Tierney’s case, the voters expect him to explain his recent votes on major legislation such as the Health Insurance Reform Law, the $800 billion stimulus bill, his support for budgets deficits of $3 trillion over 2 years adding to our national debt, his vote against funding our troops in Afghanistan and his withdrawal of support for the state of Israel.”

Here's a quick race analysis from Real Clear Politics, which is carrying no polls on the race:

Tierney will face off against attorney Bill Hudak in the fall. Hudak seems to have surprised Tierney, raising $490,000 to Tierney’s $560, as of the end of the second quarter. Tierney still has a large cash-on-hand advantage, but this could be a sign that Tierney risks being caught sleeping.

This analysis at Sama Blog indicates that in the 6th District, Scott Brown won 57% of the vote against Martha Coakley in January's special U.S. Senate race for what Democrats used to call "Ted Kennedy's seat," and by a margin of almost 40,000 votes. Brown took four other districts by margins of 55% or higher.

No wonder the Associated Press didn't name Hudak. Readers might start thinking that there might be a wholesale rejection of Democrats in the works in Massachusetts, of all places. We can't have that.

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