Tone Deaf: Will Media Give Obamas’ Ice Cream Outing the ‘Bush Golf Treatment’?

Boy, the press can really do the nitty-gritty detail work (also saved here) when they set their minds to it (graphics at right via West Coast Outpost):


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As Hot Air's Ed Morrissey's Hot Air has pointed out at his running commentary, this fawning would be a bit more palatable if leftist commentators and comedians hadn't gasped at and ridiculed George W. Bush hitting a golf shot after commenting about the Middle East and the War on Terror. Do you think Jon Stewart, who thought the golf shot vid was so funny, will find "humor" in the Obamas' ice cream outing?

Meanwhile, Morrissey notes "The latest unverified/rumored death toll is 150. In other news, Obama ordered a small cup of vanilla" (Twitter death toll link corrected by me).

Patterico has compared the tweets from Tehran with those from CBS's White House correspondent Mark Knoller, who was on Ice Cream Watch tonight.

Exit question: Who believes that the video of a dying woman Morrissey is carrying at Hot Air (WARNING: Very graphic; direct link here) will appear on an establishment media web site?

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Tom Blumer
Tom Blumer
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