Chicago Trib Ignores Pro-2nd Amendment Rally, Has Covered Similar Opposition Demos

The July 11 Second Amendment Freedom Rally in downtown Chicago was ignored by both of Chicago's major newspapers (Tribune search on "gun rally," not in quotes, is here [HT Say Uncle]; Sun-Times search on "gun" is here).

Pictures, audio, and video from rally supporters can be found here.

Focusing on the Tribune: Its editorial board last month advocated repealing the Second Amendment in the wake of the Supreme Court's Heller ruling, holding that the amendment confers an individual right. Perhaps not coincidentally, it has frequently covered anti-gun events with a similar number, or even fewer, participants, than were at Thursday's event.

At least one Chicago TV station did cover the Second Amendment Freedom Rally. Here is part of the report filed by Leah Hope at ABC affiliate WLS (video is also at the link; bold is mine):

Proponents of gun rights gathered in the Loop Friday to push legislation legalizing concealed weapons in Illinois. Among the speakers at the rally was a Texas state representative whose parents were among 23 people gunned down at Luby's cafeteria in 1991.

Recent rallies at the Thompson Center have been demands for gun control laws following fatal shootings of Chicago children. Thursday, the plaza was full again, but the message was from those demanding the right to bear arms.

In a show of support for responsible gun ownership, about 200 chose the plaza of the Thompson Center for what they called a Second Amendment freedom rally. The rally comes after a recent decision by the Supreme Court Allowing handguns in Washington D.C.

..... Several Chicagoans are challenging Chicago's ban on handguns. They hope the Supreme Court decision opens the doors to more gun owner rights here.

"If we win this case, we win for every single person here," said Colleen Lawson, lawsuit plaintiff.

This report from a McLean County, Illinois radio station also says that "hundreds" attended. Say Uncle's first commenter claims that the number was "closer to 500."

Examples of the Tribune giving coverage to smaller previous anti-gun gatherings include at least these:

  • June 18, 2008 -- "Pfleger speaks at Loop anti-violence rally." The paper reported that Father Michael Pfleger, now infamous from his "sermons" at Barack Obama's former church, the Trinity United Church of Christ, "spoke at an anti-violence demonstration Thursday," and further, that "more than 200 people attended."
  • Lest one think that Fr. Pfleger's recent notoriety is what drove the Tribune's coverage, here are three examples from 2007, well before the priest received national exposure (obtained from the Proquest Library database for fair use and discussion purposes):


    The first item reports that "About 200 activists, who marched in front of D.S. Arms, called for the northwest suburban community to vote the assault-weapon manufacturer out of town (Barrington, IL)."

    The second reported that "Surrounded by ministers, anti-gun activists and two mothers who recently lost a child to gun violence, Reverends Jesse Jackson and Michael Pfleger said Monday they will keep the pressure on a Riverdale gun shop, even as they head to trial on trespassing charges." The size of the crowd was not noted.

    The third said that "Three school buses filled with anti-gun activists joined forces with Jackson and Pfleger, while nearly 30 pro-gun activists packed into the gun store."

The Tribune exemplifies an Old Media elite that consistently fails to give equal coverage to Second Amendment supporters. Further, in this particular case, it's fair to ask whether the paper is allowing its editorial position to affect how it covers this area of the news.

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