Drudge Hammers Clinton Wikileaks, But Not So Much at Google, Yahoo, and MSN

Many Americans get their national news bites from aggregators: not only the Drudge Report, but from Yahoo or MSN or Google News. But only one of these is very interested in the latest Wikileaks dirt from e-mails on Hillary and the media-Democrat complex: Drudge. We took a look at these sites just before 2 pm Eastern time, and the MSM tilt on these aggregators is plain to see.

Drudge is reporting on media scoops like "Univision chief urged Clinton to hit harder," "CNN Jake Tapper congratulated Podesta," "CNBC John Harwood advises campaign," "NYT Gave Hillary Veto Power on Quotes!" and "Boston Globe coordinated to max her 'presence' in the paper." Meanwhile, the MSM aggregators were as Trump-obsessed as the MSM:

Top of Google News:

GOP on the precipice

The Daily 202: Is Hurricane Trump a Category One, a Category Five or something in between?

McCain: I 'might write in Lindsey Graham' for president

These came a few lines later:

President Obama Really Wants People To Live On Mars

Man Drives His Truck Through A Group Of Native Americans Protesting Columbus Day In Shocking Video!


Top of Yahoo! News:

Trump: ‘The shackles have been taken off me’

Cruz and Christie refuse to leave Trump

Trump’s lewd talk is more than ‘just words’

Top evangelical magazine calls Trump a ‘fool’

And under those came “#MuslimsReportStuff: Trump Gets Trolled on Twitter Over Islamophobia Debate Question.” The promotional copy underneath added: “Muslim Americans took to Twitter in droves on Sunday night and into Monday to mock Donald Trump’s suggestion that Muslims are to blame for Islamophobia in the United States."

In tinier type underneath that was a New York Post headline: “Focused Trump trounces  Hillary at testy second debate.”

The top of MSN.com News was Trump: "I will teach them! Trump declares war on establishment GOP"

In the top headline section were also these:

Glenn Beck: Standing against Trump is 'moral, ethical choice'

Early Voting Could Hand Election to Clinton Well Before Nov. 8

The facts about Hillary Clinton and the Kathy Shelton rape case

The last one was Washington Post "fact checker" Glenn Kessler heavily suggesting Kathy Shelton's case against Hillary when she was assigned to defend Shelton's rapist is very shaky, but he won't assign a rape victim a "Pinocchio" score.

At least MSN had one Wikileaks story, down in the campaign section, sensitively headlined from the New York Times: "Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Strained to Hone Her Message, Leaked Emails Show." They didn't headline it "Chelsea Clinton called 'spoiled brat,' which was late in the story.

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