McConnell Opponent in Kentucky Wallowing in Hollywood Cash

In Friday’s Washington Post, “In The Loop” columnist Al Kamen touted the financial “downpour” for Mitch McConnell’s liberal opponent Alison Lundergan Grimes. But the Kentucky Democrat is raising a lot of scratch from Hollywood. His headline was "In bluegrass country, a lot of Hollywood's long green."

As the second quarter wraps up, “Grimes will be rubbing elbows with Manhattan elites at The Waverly Inn, a see and be seen elite restaurant in the West Village, known for its celebrity sightings. Makes sense since the cocktail party in her honor is hosted by a Hollywood hotshot duo, producer Harvey Weinstein and Dreamworks chief executive Jeffrey Katzenberg.”

Both Tinseltown titans have contributed the maximum to her campaign, and Katzenberg co-hosted another event for her in January in Beverly Hills. Last September, singer-rapper Will Adams (“”) was a special guest at a Kentucky fundraiser for Grimes. This is why right-leaning super PACs are running ads about it:

The celebrity donor list is long -- and do you really look like a warrior for coal with Leonardo diCaprio contributing? Take a look:

Barbra Streisand – $1,000

Ben Affleck – $5,200

Leonardo DiCaprio – $5,200

Woody Allen – $500

Danny Devito – $2,600

Jennifer (Garner) Affleck – $2,600

Tom Hanks – $5,200

Bryan Cranston – $2,500

James Cameron – $2,600

Steven Spielberg – $5,200

Jerry Seinfield – $5,200

Eddie Murphy – $5,200

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