Rush Limbaugh Slams CNN President: He'll Be Shamed Into 'Global Warming Lies,' But Not Benghazi Hearings

Rush Limbaugh read from NewsBusters on his show on Wednesday about CNN president Jeff Zucker’s snotty protest that his network wouldn’t be “shamed” into covering congressional Benghazi hearings, while suggesting they should do more on climate change.

“They'll be shamed into covering the global warming lies that no one's believing anymore.  But they're not gonna be shamed into covering a cover-up at the highest levels of government about the death of four Americans and the selling of guns to our enemies,” Limbaugh summarized. “Is that about right?” He continued (audio below):

Remember the Watergate hearings, Snerdley?  Every network covered them. At the time there were only three, and every network covered every minute of every hearing live. Every word was covered.  Watergate. But Benghazi? And Hillary was there at Watergate.  In fact, she got thrown off the committee of lawyers by one of the lawyers leading it. She was too zealous.  They're not going to be shamed into covering Benghazi. But they're going to keep plugging 'til you care and understand how you are destroying the planet with man-made global warming....

Breitbart News today says, "Jeff Zucker conceded that his audience is not interested in the network's global warming agenda, but he indicated that he will try to find more creative ways to make them care."   

Now, he is admitting here... I mean, they're not even pretending to be anything but participants in moving the Democrat agenda forward.  That's what Zucker's admitted here. (summarized) "Yeah, we haven't found a way to make 'em care about global warming but we're not gonna give up.  I wish they cared about it.  So far they don't.  But we're gonna try to find more creative ways to make people care about it."

Isn't that a tacit admission that CNN is part of the left-wing agenda that includes finding more creative and persuasive ways to spread and grow that agenda?  Isn't it also a tacit admission that they don't do news at CNN?  They've got this issue that nobody cares about, global warming, and yet they're not gonna give it up until they can make people care about.  But where is it in the news?  What is happening in global warming that you and I don't know about that we need to be told about because we don't know?

Tim Graham
Tim Graham
Tim Graham is Executive Editor of NewsBusters and is the Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis