Other Top Journalists Tell Jake Tapper That Hillary's 2008 Campaign Played Rough With Liberal Media

On Friday morning, CNN host Jake Tapper tweeted “On Hillary Clinton's assertion of media double standard, strongest complaints by her campaign in 2008 were against pro-Obama male journos”.

MRC's Dan Gainor alerted me that the responses from other national journalists about Hillary Clinton’s treatment of the press in the ‘08 cycle were surprising. Perhaps this should be a segment on Tapper's show where we can all learn more before 2016:

Karen Tumulty of The Washington Post replied that Team Hillary played some hardball:

Tapper replied:

Jonathan Alter (then with Newsweek) is the real stunner, since Alter had shamelessly touted Bill Clinton's "public  character" and dismissed the importance of "private character" as the adultery evidence piled up:

The outsiders have a quick reaction to this: And WHY didn't we know about this in real time?? The liberal media was quick to spread tales of Dick Cheney banning The New York Times from the campaign plane in 2004, so....?

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