Daily Beast's Sally Kohn Wants Lesbian Disney Princesses; TV and Movies for Tots Must Spread the Gay Gospel

The gay lobby recognizes no boundaries when it comes to raising consciousness about the LGBT agenda. After watching “Frozen,” lesbian pundit and Daily Beast contributor Sally Kohn tweeted over the weekend “come on @DisneyPictures ain't it finally time for a kid's film where the princess marries a princess?!”

Maybe Kohn saw an article by Victoria Kallsen for the Daily Campus at the University of Connecticut, who also insisted “the primary complaint is: where are homosexual characters in animation aimed at children? I’d like to think our lesbian Disney Princess story is upcoming. (Then again, these are the same people who needed 86 years to feature a black Disney Princess.)” Kallsen attacked children’s TV as a "wasteland of social conservative garbage” because it’s heteronormative:

Will I ever live to see a Disney Princess marry ... another Disney Princess? When comic book characters are adapted for animated TV shows, could we keep their sexual preferences intact? Animation for children has remained a wasteland of social conservative garbage with homosexual parents and crushes non-existent with rare exceptions.

Simply put, behavior is learned. We learn how to interact and behave from our interactions from others and the messages we see on the screen. This is overwhelmingly important for younger viewers when children aged 2-5 spend over 32 hours on entertainment devices, and children aged 6-11 watch over 28, according to Nielsen.

See? They want children 2 to 11 to imagine the wonder of same-sex attraction: 

So with that in mind, having our shows be devoid of homosexuality in nearly every context – same-sex parents with families of their own, homosexual crushes and feelings, defiance of strict gender roles and stereotypes – informs children that homosexuality is bad behavior even though they were merely born with that orientation. It instills a taboo nature over the topic, an uncomfortability in discussing it, and a general perception that one’s sexuality is immoral, deviant, and wrong. Frankly, that’s disgusting.

In the wake of DOMA being overturned, LGBTQ activists may be searching for other causes to take up. Shouldn’t further acceptance by media of perfectly normal expression of our sexuality be available to children today? Even the most accepting of parents may not think to discuss homosexuality with their children if it remains a non-issue, meaning they don’t see it in their personal day to day lives. Let’s stop allowing self-proclaimed moral guardians (looking at you, Focus on the Family and Parents Television Council) prevent perfectly reasonable expression of love and physical attraction. Let’s see more homosexuality in children’s programing instead.

Tim Graham
Tim Graham
Tim Graham is Executive Editor of NewsBusters and is the Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis