'Wetlands' Film Pushes Sexual Envelope at Sundance Film Festival

“Wetlands” is no longer a boring word used primarily by environmentalists. It’s the title of a smutty movie premiering at the Sundance film festival.

“Perhaps the most sexually explicit and audacious film to hit Sundance this year, Wetlands is a German-language coming-of-age drama about a young woman with an unhealthy and fetishistic obsession with certain body parts (and bodily fluids),” according to The Hollywood Reporter, “mostly as a result of her reaction to her parents’ divorce.” The film stars Swiss newcomer Carla Juri. Warning: graphic plot details follow.

When an anal fissure (don’t ask) sends her to a hospital, she tries to get her emotionally distant father and mother back together, hits on her male nurse, and devises ways to stay in the hospital.

The movie, from German director David Wnendt and based on the German best-seller by former VJ Charlotte Roche, features an aria-like sequence of four men masturbating on a pizza (you have to see it to believe it) and a heroine who gives a monologue on “pussy mucus." She rubs her privates on a filthy toilet and swaps dirty tampons with her best friend, among a litany of surely NC-17 activities.

Film-festival organizers love this kind of European sleaze. See "Blue Is The Warmest Color" at Cannes.

The organizer of a four-masturbation salute on a pizza uttered the most ridiculous sentence imaginable: “The point was not to be the most explicit or the most provocative,” the director David Wnendt told the crowd after the movie’s public screening Saturday at the Temple Theater.

[Hat tip: Dan Gainor]

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