Sarah Palin Believes Karma Has Come Around on Katie Couric

Former Gov. Sarah Palin granted an interview to Mario Lopez of the TV show “Extra” to promote her new TV series on The Sportsman Channel. Lopez asked about Katie Couric’s failed afternoon talk show. The subject turned to Katie Couric, who earned a passel of journalism awards for hammering Palin in an interview during the 2008 campaign, while she threw softballs at Joe Biden.

Lopez asked: “Do you believe in karma?”  Palin replied: “I certainly believe that what goes around comes around... I remember getting a couple of texts that said things like, 'Oh sorry that it didn’t work out there at CBS or ABC.”

Lopez asked about Couric leaving CBS. Palin said that was no surprise since “the ratings were going in the tank with her as one of the head honchos there in the newsroom at CBS and then it didn’t surprise me, her other move. Things weren’t going real well there, either.”

Palin didn’t discourage the idea of doing her own Oprah-esque talk show. “That would probably would be a fun opportunity as long as I got to pick the subject matter and got to talk to more inspiring people out there to help empower others.”

Tim Graham
Tim Graham
Tim Graham is Executive Editor of NewsBusters and is the Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis