Randi Rhodes Mocks Ex-Miss America on Fox As 'Funny-looking'

Liberal radio host Randi Rhodes was ranting about conservatives loving guns more than their children on Wednesday: “You value guns more than you value children! And that is a sad reality, that is just a fact of life in this country, that you could lose your children but you can't lose your gun. That's how twisted people are.”

While she was making stuff up, Rhodes decided to add that Elisabeth Hasselbeck is dumb, meaning she fits in at Fox News. Then Rhodes – nobody’s idea of a beauty pageant contestant – mocked former 1989 Miss America Gretchen Carlson as a “funny-looking girl” that Fox put out to pasture in daytime news:

"She's a genius! She's fitting right over there at Fox & Friends. Uh, you know, she kicked Gretchen Carlson out. Poor Gretchen. She's a funny looking girl, she didn't uh quite fit the mold -- I don't know -- they could repurpose her like a shoebox. Oh, she's daytime now, like we all, you know, care.”

Let's review! Randi:

VERSUS Gretchen:

That comparsion is NOT a beauty contest.

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