Daily Kos Whacks CNN's Don Lemon for Joining Bill O'Reilly In 'Urkel' Crusade

Several Daily Kosmonauts were furious with CNN anchor Don Lemon for joining Bill O’Reilly in suggesting black kids could straighten up and hike up their saggy pants. “Vyan” even suggested that Don and Bill want all black kids to be “Steve Urkel” from the Nineties sitcom “Family Matters.”

He hit Lemon because “He jumped right in the middle of cage match between O'Reilly and anyone serious about Civil Rights. Now he's O'Reilly's Special Look-I'm-Really-Really-Not-A-Bigot Black Friend.  Don's even getting Love Tweets From Geraldo.  Yes, it's that bad.  The Dark Side is growing strong with this one.” 

Look, Don, just gave a devout out-and-out screaming Racist Cover for his Racism and he seems completely oblivious to it. Man, that's gonna sting in the morning. Particular after Don said he's gonna recapture and redefine the term "Uncle Tom".

Here’s how the "Urkle-fication" of black America came in:

We all want our kids to be bright well-groomed little founts of knowledge and good cheer.  Who could say "no" to that?

Why I think I know the perfect example of Steller [sic] Black Manhood Mr. Lemon is describing.

Steve Urkle. [sic]

In another post, the blogger “Kwik” wrote an open letter to Lemon insisting he’s joining the side of people who call him the N-word behind his back:

Dear Don,

I share your frustrations and concerns about black-on-black crime, black unwed mothers, use of the N-word and caring about where you live, but I don’t share your desire to join with the likes of a race-baiting hustler like Bill O’Reilly to denigrate the entirety of my community based on malicious half-truths. 

Don, I think you genuinely care about my community because you used to be part of it and used to know it.  O’Reilly doesn’t know jack sh!t about Black America.  Like an angry human volcano, he spews all the negative stereotypes and anti-black rhetoric that appeals to, incites and sparks feelings of superiority among the angry white guys Lindsey Graham anxiously says about the GOP is running out of.

Whether you know it or not Don, when you jump on O’Reilly’s racist bandwagon, you come across as a clueless sock puppet…a sell-out, who has lost touch not only with the black community, but with your own soul, as well...

Your so-called "tough love" is nothing but scapegoating Don. And worse, it gives cover and solace to racists who applaud you publicly, but still call you n****r privately.

[Hat tip: Udall House]

Correction: "Family Matters" isn't an "Eighties comedy," although it debuted in 1989. It ran from 1989 to 1998.

Tim Graham
Tim Graham
Tim Graham is Executive Editor of NewsBusters and is the Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis