Your Day on Liberal Radio: We 'Gotta Get Rid of the NRA'

Phoenix physician and radio host Mike Newcomb was allowed to host the leftist Thom Hartmann radio show on Thursday. He and his sidekick Eric Reinert were discussing the Senate vote allowing debate on the Toomey-Manchin compromise, which they mentioned the National Rifle Association -- the nation's oldest civil rights organization -- opposes. 

They read from a statement signed by 33 family members of Newtown victims expressing anger at Republican senators who've promised to filibuster gun-control bills. Then they discussed how liberals "gotta get rid of the NRA." 

ERIC REINERT (sidekick): [We] gotta get rid of the NRA.

MIKE NEWCOMB: Yeah. You know, it's amazing to me how effective, or at least -- they seem to have a lot of sway over these politicians.

ERIC REINERT: Oh, it's incredible. It's corrupt.

Liberals somehow don't think it's a free country where groups they disagree with have a right to organize and advocate. They should be punished or shut down.

For more of this mentality, see the Thom Hartmann website, there’s this perfect extraction of liberal intolerance. They have a poll asking “Should anti-gay groups receive non-profit tax status?” The options are no....and no! The vote is evenly split between nearly identical options:

NO! Discriminatory organizations shouldn't receive tax subsidies. (55 percent)

NO! Our government should not support hate groups. (45 percent)

Feel free to comment to Thom and his staff on their dead-end poll.

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