Wisconsin Dems Remove Spokesman for Walker-Dahmer Tweets

There's an update in our report on the spokesman for the Wisconsin Democratic Party sending three tweets comparing Gov. Scott Walker to cannibalistic serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

The spokesman, Graeme Zielinski, has been dumped as the party spokesman and Democrat leaders also docked Zielinski a week's pay -- "a little more than $1,000." The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel added that Zielinski would stay on the payroll, but not on Twitter:

One source close to the party said Zielinski, a former newspaper reporter, will stay on with the state Democratic Party as a "media adviser." He will, however, no longer be permitted to post on Twitter, where he has been prolific in recent years.

The source close to the party noted that Zielinski has made a handful of mistakes in recent years, including several on Twitter.

In May, he sent out a series of tweets suggesting Walker was using his criminal defense fund to help defend a man accused of child sexual enticement. A couple of months earlier, he posted a bogus tweet in which Republicans supposedly said women "should get paid less and not be able to make health care decisions."

"It's a culmination of stuff," said the source.

Wait a minute...Zielinski's a former newspaper reporter? For whom? The Journal-Sentinel was too embarrassed to note his last job was at....the Journal-Sentinel. As they reported when he took the Democrats' job in 2010, "Zielinski is a Milwaukee native who formerly worked at the Journal Sentinel, the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, the San Antonio Express-News, the Capital Times and the Onion."

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