Oopsy: 78 Percent of Ed Show Viewers Side Against Ed Schultz In Favor of Drones

Politico media writer Dylan Byers reported that Ed Schultz viewers on MSNBC are bigger Obama fans than Schultz fans. While Schultz asserted on Thursday night that "many Americans want to know how the United States can order the killings of American citizens without due process," a phone survey during the hour of his show found
78 percent said they agreed with "the policy of targeted killing of American citizens." Only 22 percent stuck with Ed.

Byers wrote, "These results may have come as a surprise to Schultz -- neither he nor MSNBC PR immediately responded to a request for his reaction -- because the results of his viewer surveys almost always align with his own progressive worldview."

"It doesn't meet the moral or constitutional standard that we expect of any administration," Schultz said earlier this week. "We're losing the moral high ground by doing this."

On his radio show, Thom Hartmann railed against the majority POV of MSNBC viewers:

Once we've signed off on the policy that we can send a drone any damn well place we want and we can drop a bomb on anybody we want simply because our president said so, without due process, that then gives license to Mexico to send drones over Phoenix to bomb drug lords.

And it gives license to Canada to send drones over Montpelier, Vermont to take out the people who are stealing maple syrup.

And it arguably gives license to the Iranians to say, 'There's somebody helping develop one of those Stuxnet viruses in New York, [so] we're gonna take out that city block.'

Or China [could say] 'Hey, there's a dissident in so-and-so, let's take them out.'

Tim Graham
Tim Graham
Tim Graham is Executive Editor of NewsBusters and is the Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis