A Different David Gregory Spin: The 'Right-wing Shill' Finally Does 'One Thing Right'

Subbing in for Randi Rhodes on Wednesday, radio host Nicole Sandler announced “The world is going mad!” Her proof: the D.C. police probing NBC's David Gregory for possessing a high-capacity magazine (and displaying it for dramatic effect on TV).

"So David Gregory, host of Meet the Press, is under investigation, what, for the one good piece of journalism he's ever done?" She could not believe it. "Look, I think David Gregory is a right-wing shill! I would like to see him removed from his position as host of Meet the Press. But not for this! This is the one thing he did right!"

She loved his prosecutor routine on NRA Vice President Wayne LaPierre, with Gregory insisting that banning high-capacity magazines (like, ahem, DC) would curb violence. Did DC’s gun laws stop it from becoming America’s murder capital in the Marion Barry era?

Sandler strangely added that the Gregory police probe is “almost like Susan Rice, poor Susan Rice, taking herself out of contention for the Secretary of State appointment.” She thought Rice wasn’t a good choice (probably another alleged “right-wing shill”?), but that her lying on TV about the Benghazi attack was no disqualification.

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