Ed Schultz Producer Insists: I’m ‘Behind Brent Bozell to Try to Destroy This Country’

Last Thursday, after Brent Bozell spoke up for his lobbying group For America on Capitol Hill, urging Republicans not to vote for a tax increase, it was only natural that liberal radio hosts would unleash on him for being unreasonable.

On the Ed Schultz radio show, Schultz said Bozell and his fellow conservatives at the press conference looked like their “heads were exploding.” Schultz played soundbites by Bozell and others, and Schultz produced Jim Holm cracked that Bozell hates firefighters, cops, schools and bridges:

BOZELL clip: A whole lot of members who thought they were safe and who thought they could get away with this will lose in their own districts.

SCHULTZ: Brent Bozell threatening Republicans -- you better not give Boehner the vote. Holmy, your take.

HOLM (pauses): I'm afraid to actually comment on this because I know it'll end up on NewsBusters but... (Schultz laughs)

SCHULTZ: Well that's what you want!

HOLM: Brent Bozell ...

SCHULTZ: You want your own page over there, don't you?!

HOLM: I am full stance behind Brent Bozell to try to destroy this country with these guys that don't want to do this tax increase on millionaires. I'm not saying they're destroying the country physically, but they're destroying the infrastructure of this country when you don't raise taxes to, I don't know, pay for things like bridges or schools or cops or firefighters.

That's been their mission for 30 years, but good for Brent Bozell. I think that Brent Bozell should become the new Grover Norquist of the Republican Party, round up all of these people that are going to tell John Boehner that he can't raise taxes on job creators tonight, and just move forward. Let's have that conversation.

It never stops being annoying that liberals pretend that your local policeman and fireman are directly funded by the federal government, or that ever- higher taxes are what makes this country great.

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