Laura Ingraham Dumps Her Talk Radio Network In Search of a New Home

Popular conservative radio talker Laura Ingraham posted a note on her website Tuesday that she's going off the air temporarily, in search of a new radio syndicator:  "After more than 9 years with the distributor Talk Radio Network, I decided it was time to move on. After much thought and reflection, I have decided to pursue my first loves--modern dance and the xylophone. In the highly unlikely event that these efforts do not prove fruitful, I intend to return to radio."

She added: "Seriously--to the more than 300 stations that carry the Laura Ingraham Show and to all my loyal listeners, I feel the time is right to expand and retool my radio program and to explore other syndication options, which I am now actively pursuing." AP reports she's in discussions with other networks about her show.

They added, "Talkers magazine says the conservative Ingraham is the most-listened to woman on radio, with an estimated 5.75 million listeners a week. Talkers said that ranks her among the top eight radio hosts overall."

Some of us are going to have morning-drive withdrawal...

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