Love, Liberal Radio Style: McCain's a 'Senile Old Fart,' Allen West a 'Hateful Piece of Crap'

The idea of liberal talk radio being the home of loving, compassionate people was shredded on Friday when Nicole Sandler subbed in for Randi Rhodes. She had two standout messages for Republicans on the show. In the first hour, she slammed Sen. John McCain as a "senile old fart" who is "387 years old." McCain has spoken harshly of UN Ambassador Susan Rice's fractured fairy tales about Benghazi on five Sunday talk shows.

Sandler also disclosed her bitter hatred of Congressman Allen West, who's refusing to concede defeat in his re-election campaign. She described him as a "hateful piece of crap. A sorry excuse for a human being. All right, a waste of space taking up a body!" She has personal issues with West:

In April of 2011, Sandler was arrested by Fort Lauderdale police for creating a spectacle at an Allen West town meeting. On the Rhodes show, she noted West was refusing to concede to the Democrat, Patrick Murphy. “This man is nuts. He will go down fighting. So just know, expect more craziness from Allen West.” Then she noted the only post on his Twitter page since the election supported Israel: “I support Israeli attack on Hamas. We must provide Israel with the resources they need.”

This somehow triggered the hate: “See, that's why Allen West is no longer in Congress - because he's a hateful piece of crap! All right, did I make that clear? Hateful piece of crap. A sorry excuse for a human being. All right, a waste of space taking up a body!”

Sandler's attack on John McCain was in contrast to her love for Speaker Nancy Pelosi:

SANDLER: John McCain is a senile old fart.... Nancy Pelosi does a great job. She’s probably the most effective Speaker of the House we’ve had in a long time...John McCain, on the other hand, is a crotchety old man who's always - who never got over the fact that he lost the presidential election in 2008 and he's got a giant chip on his shoulder. He's got an Arizona state-sized chip on his shoulder that he can't get rid of, and he's constantly screaming at people to get off of his lawn!

After playing audio from CNN producer Ted Barrett, who drew McCain's ire as he noted that he missed a Senate briefing on Benghazi since he was having a press conference on Benghazi, and a clip of NBC's Matt Lauer pressing McCain to give Susan Rice a chance, Sandler added:

SANDLER: Oh John McCain, you are such a sad, tragic figure. You know, so he says - Matt Lauer asked won't you learn something at the hearings? I don't need to learn anything! I know what I know! Right. Um, what I know, Senator McCain, is it's time for you to go home and it has nothing to do with the fact that you are 387 years old. It has to do with the fact that you are a bitter old man who can't accept the fact that you lost! And you've done everything possible to discredit this president since he beat you! How about working in the Senate in a spirit of comity to help the nation? Oh right, you don’t have that in you.

You know it's time for a laugh track when they're demanding "a spirit of comity" on the nasty Randi Rhodes show.

Tim Graham
Tim Graham
Tim Graham is Executive Editor of NewsBusters and is the Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis