Fox's Judge Napolitano Delights Jon Stewart By Proclaiming 'I'm in Favor of Open Borders'

On The Daily Show on Thursday night, Jon Stewart interviewed Judge Andrew Napolitano of Fox News, and Napolitano began by joking, “You’re not going to make me defend O’Reilly?” Stewart asked “Could you?” As if that were impossible.

Stewart quickly turned to how Fox News is worried about a “tipping point” where minorities can decide elections. Strangely, Stewart assumed O’Reilly said something nativist about restricting immigration, no footnote or video clip to back him up. Napolitano, a free-wheeling libertarian, announced he was for wide open borders, delighting the liberal Stewart:

STEWART: Isn’t there a prevailing attitude that I’m noticing over there that somehow, we’ve reached a tipping point? That there is a new demographic change in America that is unlike the others. You mentioned on the morning show that you thought O’Reilly was right that we are now a nation of takers. You know if that attitude had prevailed, you and I, Mr. O’Reilly, if it had prevailed in America’s history, you and I would not be here.

NAPOLITANO: I know if the government had not allowed newcomers to come to the country and flourish, you and I and a lot of good folks in the studio wouldn’t be here. That’s why I’m in favor of open borders. I think you have natural rights. It doesn’t matter where your mother was when you were born, you can go where you want and live where you go, and it’s none of the government’s business where you were born.

STEWART: That’s excellent.

Tim Graham
Tim Graham
Tim Graham is Executive Editor of NewsBusters and is the Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis