Media Gossip: Lauer Might Keep His Big Cash As NBC Layoffs Occur

As we head into Obama's latest "recovery winter," it looks like more job cuts are coming in the "news" industry -- perhaps even among Obama's most enthusiastic corporate-media boosters at Comcast.

“NBC Universal may have announced layoffs in their entertainment division on Monday, but don't expect Today show co-host Matt Lauer to agree to a pay cut to save anyone else's bacon,” reported Radar Online.

Lauer, 54, is one of the main reasons that some staffers at the beleaguered morning news show are expecting to be handed pink slips after the holidays because of his whopping $30 million-a-year salary… but don’t think for one minute he will agree to having his wages slashed!

“It's only a matter of time before job cuts are made in the NBC news division, which includes the TODAY show,” an insider told

“Today show staffers are convinced there will be significant job losses because of the cost-cutting measures that are being done across the board by Comcast, which now owns a majority stake in NBC. The crew believes that some of the potential cuts could be avoided if Matt agreed to a pay cut."

The insiders -- who may be Ann Curry supporters who are still angry at Lauer -- paint Lauer as the let-them-eat-cake type: "Matt's salary is a whopping $30 million dollars a year, and it’s seriously crippling the show. But he has made it pretty clear that he won’t take a pay decrease, so instead the staffers are in line for the chop."

Whether this is true or not, we can be sure the networks won't focus on it. We could use a secretly taped "Mother Jones" video to display Lauer's true feelings about the "little people."

Tim Graham
Tim Graham
Tim Graham is Executive Editor of NewsBusters and is the Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis