Which Liberal Radio Host Sounds Nuttier About the Election Results?

Which one of these liberal radio statements could be less acquainted with reality? On her Monday radio show, Stephanie Miller said to Rep. Maxine Waters Obama won two landslides in a row:

“I’m sure you’ve seen the clips on TV of you know George Bush talking about his mandate and political capital that he earned and you know obviously what the President truly has is a mandate. I mean this is two electoral landslides I mean landslides in a row and he said obviously you know basically what he said this question over and over came up and Americans voted for you know the rich to pay their fair share.” Or there's Al Sharpton saying on Friday that the mainstream media was not defending Obama:

I don’ think we tell our story enough, Smokey [Fontaine], which is why we’re not getting more support. People need to understand this didn’t just happen in a vacuum. Mainstream media was not defending this President. There’s a Pew study that says that he got half the favorable coverage he got the last time. This was not driven by mainstream media and the issues that energized and outraged our people voter ID,  voter suppression was not driven. We had to make that an issue like we had to make Trayvon an issue. So I think that we really need to look at what we down here. We literally altered American history!

Tim Graham
Tim Graham
Tim Graham is Executive Editor of NewsBusters and is the Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis