Kathy Griffin Tells Off Liberals Who May Not Vote for Obama

The D.C. gay magazine Metro Weekly interviewed Bravo star Kathy Griffin and asked her how big it was that President Obama endorsed the "gay marriage" concept. "There's never been a sitting president who has even seen the LGBT community like this. Never. It's huge. It's f---ing huge."

"So I get mad at my young gays that don't know what Stonewall is. I get mad at my young girls that don't know who Gloria Steinem is," Griffin said. "And I get mad at my own Democrats or centrists or liberal-leaning people that are acting like, ''I don't know if I'm gonna vote for the president. What's the point?'' Really? Well, get ready for President Romney and Vice President Bachmann." She wants the left to be pragmatic:

First of all, let me just say this about the president: I love him. I'll make fun of him – which, by the way, if you even made a joke about "W," people would think you were un-American – but I don't think people understand the significance of this president. And you know what? This is what I have to say to the LGBT community: It's a big f---in' country out there and it ain't all Haight-Ashbury and it ain't all Chelsea and it's not all Weho, and these things take time.

I get angry at my fellow Democrats and I get angry at my gays when they're actually mad at this president because he's not going fast enough for them. And I just want to say, after spending some time in Washington, working to help repeal ''Don't Ask, Don't Tell,'' having done my little mini-tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, it's not all the culture of chicks who live in Hollywood like me. It's not all the culture of LGBT. It's not all the culture of rich people or poor people. This stuff takes time.

And I had to learn that because even as early as five years ago, I was bitching and moaning that this stuff's gotta go faster and I'm not gonna stand for it. Yes, it has to go faster – and it is – but for God's sake, do not turn your back on this president because he's not going fast enough for you, so that you can enjoy President Romney, who's not going to do anything for you. [All italics in the original article.]

Griffin also granted a recent interview to gay Miami Herald blogger Steve Rothaus, where she went on a comic rant against heterosexuals: “I don’t know if you know my stand on heterosexual marriage, but I am completely against the legalization of heterosexual marriage. I think that heterosexual people who are currently married should go to prison. And I think that every single gay person who wants to get married should. And the government should pay for the wedding.”

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