Politico's Byers: When Will Media 'Teach' That Mormons Loved Polygamy and Racism?

Politico media reporter Dylan Byers is impatient with the media: “When will we talk about Mormonism?”

He means the negative stuff: “I’m talking about a national conversation about the Mormon faith, including its past practice of polygamy (which was renounced by the church in the 19th century) and its exclusion of African Americans from the priesthood (until 1978). That sort of thing.” Does he watch anything?

Byers touted CNN analyst (and major Obama suckup) Roland Martin said that if the GOP wanted to bring back the Rev. Jeremiah Wright controversy, they would be "putting Mormonism on the table... putting on the table how African Americans were treated by the Mormon religion." Byers did not note that Martin was an apologist for Rev. Wright right up until the point that he started embarrassing Obama in 2008. Incredibly, Roland's standard for Wright was he was fine when carefully edited by the liberal media, but a reckless, egotistical loose cannon to be captured live on C-SPAN (especially when he started babbling about AIDS being a racist government conspiracy).

This paragraph is a little sickening: 

Earlier this week, the Brookings Institution released a survey suggesting that Romney's faith may actually help his candidacy. Either way, the issue is bubbling up -- slowly but surely. And as BuzzFeed's McKay Coppins -- a Mormon -- noted, the nation's Mormon education "will depend largely on the teachers: Namely, the news media."

If we know anything, we know the secular news media are quite terrible at teaching the fine points of theology. 

PS: Byers seems to be really impatient to start hurting Romney right in the favorable ratings. He also blogged enthusiastically about mocking Mitt Romney's 1983 Seamus-the dog-in-the-rooftop-kennel story.It was logged under "Photo of the day: Seamus art edition."

From the department of things Gail Collins wishes she had thought of, Seattle Channel's arts and culture reporter Nancy Guppy arrived at the Seattle International Film Festival's red carpet last night in a dog kennel on top of a car.

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