Lecturing About Third World 'Murder' by Climate Change

In Sunday’s Washington Post, film critic Ann Hornaday laid out a red carpet for a lecture on “climate change” courtesy of Mohamed Nasheed, former president of the Maldives, a string of islands southwest of India. The piggish Western world is out to murder the people of the Maldives, apparently.

“We’re just so small,” Nasheed said in Toronto, Hornaday touting his voice rising to a “mouselike” squeal. “You can’t bully. It’s not right to bully. And we’re not angry. Whatever happens, even if we all die, we should not be angry with the people who murdered us. We can’t run climate change campaigns fueled by anger. I can’t tell the people [of the Maldives] that there are other countries trying to murder you. They’re trying to do good by their people according to their understanding. We just have to try to find an amicable position and keep talking.”

Yes, that’s certainly an “amicable position,” implying that people are trying to “murder you” with a flood caused by global warming. Hornaday lauded this man as an “unlikely star” of the documentary “The Island President,” which was greeted with “rapturous ovations” at the Toronto Film Festival by all the socialist cineastes.

Hornaday introduced the murder quotes with this gush: “what emerges is still an impressive portrait of a charismatic, compelling leader punching far above his weight and managing to land a few blows. While he was in office, Nasheed learned the art of leveraging the very thing that puts him at a disadvantage: the Maldives’ tiny size. His country may be on the geographic low ground, but he has a clear claim on the moral high ground.”

She touted his interview on MSNBC. “I’ve been saying that you have to have a planet to have a democracy,” he said moments before being interviewed by Andrea Mitchell at the MSNBC studios in Tenleytown. “And you have to have democracy to have a planet. It goes both ways.”

Tim Graham
Tim Graham
Tim Graham is Executive Editor of NewsBusters and is the Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis