Who Taught Rogue American to Shoot 16 Afghan Civilians? Daily Kos Indicts Limbaugh

How rabid are leftists right now to attach anything and everything to Rush Limbaugh? See the Daily Kos with their Sunday night diatribe titled "Did Soldier who Killed 16 in Afghanistan Receive his Diploma from the Rush Limbaugh Show?" No one knows the reasons why this man would shoot innocent civilians, but the Kosmonauts have great imaginations and have already declared Limbaugh is an accessory to mass murder. The author is Constance Hilliard, a professor of African and Middle East History at North Texas University.

Hilliard complained "The Rush Limbaugh Show is being broadcast to troops on bases all over the world.  However, America has too much at stake, to allow this seedy, ugly-spirited man to roll around in the minds of vulnerable young men. These soldiers are thousands of miles from home, getting shot at by an enemy indistinguishable from our Afghan allies, for a war whose rationale nobody even remembers any more. They need something better than an education in anti-Muslim hatred."

'Down in the comments, Hilliard is typically pacifist: “The paradox for our militarist society is this.  If we didn't dehumanize our enemies, then they wouldn't be "enemies."  We would work to understand where they're coming from.  But where would this leave the arms manufacturers??”

Still further down in the comments, she added:

Rush Limbaugh spouting anti-Muslim filth and a crazed gunman killing Afghan men, women and children in their beds are tragically linked.  While I didn't say so in the post  because I did not have empirical proof, I would wager (no actually I'm certain) that this soldier did listen to Limbaugh.  Armed Forces Radio has much good programming.  But given the fact that soldiers are a captive audience, fighting under extreme levels of stress,  Rush Limbaugh is just too unhinged to subject them to involuntarily.  Yes, I said "involuntarily."  Living in cramped quarters with your buddies tuned to the Rush Limbaugh Show, means that his hateful lies are being broadcast to all within listening distance -- and that would mean you too.

While Hillard can protest the ugly-spiritedness of Limbaugh, she also wrote an article headlined "Maybe Helen Thomas Was Right." Helen's rant about the Jews going back to their homeland in Europe was "raw and injudicious," Hillard found, but she was glad Helen said it, since the West condemned the Jews to the Middle East when they should have allowed them to emigrate.

Tim Graham
Tim Graham
Tim Graham is Executive Editor of NewsBusters and is the Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis