Daily Kos: China, Saudi Arabia Will Fund Incoming Republican Dictatorship to Crush Occupiers

The next time you hear liberals mourning that today's conservative movement has no William F. Buckleyesque figure to banish the right-wing wackos to the fever swamps, just remember what passes for left-wing political thought at the Daily Kos. Last year, the Kosmonaut known as "Troubadour" predicted things were going to go very badly after the midterm elections: "Win or lose this election season, Republicans appear to be headed on a one-way path to organized political violence."

This has apparently been proven by police suppression of the Occupy Wall Street protests, and next the liberals should watch out for the "the internet blacklist bill" and the "the internet kill switch" if Republicans take power in 2013. Full-blown GOP dictatorship is around the corner:

It's worse than you think.  With the evolution of Occupy Wall Street, the threat that made George W. Bush reticent to go for full-blown dictatorship is now out of the bag: People are actively resisting and disrupting the money and power structure that underlies the Republican Party and, sadly, major portions of our own party - structures that now completely define the ideology, rhetoric, and policies of a huge proportion of our government without even a pretense of addressing the American people. 

We are resisting this state of affairs with increasing sophistication, volume, and success, while government institutions are flailing to stop us without even pretending to address our grievances.  But all of what we do is dependent on a few, fragile liberties and lines of communication that a sufficiently ruthless, shameless, and desperate regime could easily shatter.

Troubadour asks the reader to imagine massive infusions of foreign capital into evil Republican bank accounts:

So I ask you to imagine the following the scenario: Unlimited campaign cash flows into the 2012 election courtesy of Citizens United, and Wall Street allies with the national revenues (and possibly intelligence information) of China and Saudi Arabia to fund and otherwise support the Republican Party.  The lukewarm or stingy corporate money flowing to centrist Democrats does not come anywhere close, even in concert with large numbers of small donations going to progressive Democrats. 

The businesses that own the media openly collude to suffocate any attempt to introduce progressive issues into the debate, slander Democrats shamelessly, and promote outright lies bandied about by Republican candidates.  Big Lies on a level not seen since the lead-up to the Iraq War are promoted in lockstep, and Democrats are practically made to prove their membership in the human species while Republicans could club baby seals on national TV and be effusively praised for their patriotic heroism.  Most of the Democrats do not have Barack Obama's remarkable ability to overcome such propaganda, and drown in it.

You have to giggle especially hard at the corporate media slandering Obama shamelessly. When has that ever happened? Anyone remember Disney-owned ABC airing the seven-part documentary on Obama the Secret  Muslim? But somehow, the Left must unite against the fascist regime just itching to form once the Republican Party takes the White  House:

Without the street, the government side of progressive politics becomes what it has been - weak and feckless.  Without liberal control of the government, the street is nothing more than a convenient place to round up and dispose of dissent. 

Now, that doesn't mean the people are doomed if governments become dictatorial - the Arab Spring has repeatedly proven otherwise.  But they had the benefit of social media existing outside the control of their governments - if America becomes one giant police kettle, there will be no external recourse.  I for one would rather avoid the detour into Pinochet-land.  To the greatest extent possible, we must unite the OWS clans for a progressive Democratic sweep.

At least this distraught Troubadour is loaded with knowledge of his own limitations, as he recently blogged in a Chris Farleyesque fashion: 

I am not leadership material.  I am unreliable as a member of any kind of delicate new organization, except perhaps as an adviser at arm's length.  The more comfortable I am with people, the more likely I am to blindly step on them.  I do not respond appropriately in a timely manner to sudden and emotionally fraught new information.

Who said we couldn't find common ground?

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