Stephanie Miller: Vandalizing Reagan Statue 'One of America's Funniest Liberal Pranks'

The Los Angeles Times reports "Police are searching for a man who tried to knock down a Ronald Reagan statue Sunday morning. Newport Beach Police received a call about 5:30 a.m. Sunday of a vandalism in progress at Bonita Canyon Sports Park on Bonita Canyon Drive. A witness said a man in dark clothes tried to attach a chain to the base of the statue. The chain was connected to the back of his pickup and he appeared to be trying to pull the statue down."

On the Stephanie Miller radio show on Monday, Miller said this act of vandalism "is one of America's funniest liberal pranks." Yet everyone knows Miller the reflexive partisan would get the vapors if anyone tried to damage the "Little Barry Obama" statue in Indonesia.

Miller was talking to one of her regular guests, actress Edie McClurg (best known as Ed Rooney's secretary in Ferris Bueller's Day Off). They were mocking how much conservatives love Reagan:

EDIE McCLURG: Now they had the they had the big Iowa Republican Party hosting their Ronald Reagan dinner  up there in Iowa. Very important state one would say. Who didn’t show up? Mitt Romney. Jon Huntsman. Herman Cain.

MILLER: Oh no oh God you can’t disrespect the Reagan.


MILLER: Oh, by the way, speaking of disrespecting the Reagan, this is one of America’s funniest liberal pranks.

CHRIS LAVOIE, Miller sidekick: Oh yeah in Newport Beach vandals vandalized the Ronald Reagan statue and made it lean left. Seriously. That really happened.

MILLER: Normally I don’t like prank humor. I’m just saying that’s kind of a good one if you had to do a prank.

Stephanie Miller doesn't pay respect to anyone unless she is worshiping at the altar of Barack Obama and his many wondrous deeds. Miller is currently on a "Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour," in which she's explained "It’s sexy to be liberal because you’re empathetic and open-minded." Does that explain getting out the pom-poms for ripping statues down?

UPDATE: On Tuesday morning's program, the Miller crew mocked a response from someone who cited NewsBusters:

CHRIS LAVOIE: You made NewsBusters because of that by the way.

MILLER: Oh really, yeah, they made it lean to the left a little bit

JIM WARD: Ha! Well he [Reagan] used to. He was a Democrat for a while.

MILLER: Gary writes ‘So you think vandalizing this statue of a great man is funny.’

LAVOIE: Oh okay, that’s exactly what NewsBusters said. This person read NewsBusters.

MILLER: Good Lord, the rod up that man’s butt.

AUDIO CLIP [from The Simpsons]: Good Lord, the rod up that man's butt must have a rod up its butt.

MILLER: And oh look, he did the William Donohue hypothetical thing. ‘I bet you’d be one of those kinds who gets belly laughs out of Alzheimer’s jokes.’

AUDIO CLIP: Computer says no...

MILLER:  No I wasn’t. I was just reporting a story about they made the statue lean to the left, which we’re not usually for prank humor. I’m just saying it was a little... funny.

Tim Graham
Tim Graham
Tim Graham is Executive Editor of NewsBusters and is the Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis