Liberal Radio Hate: 'Someone Should Feed [Bachmann] Some Listeria-Filled Canteloupe'

Brian Maloney at the Radio Equalizer blog caught another jaw-dropper on the Stephanie Miller radio show. On the October 7 morning show, Jim Ward, Miller’s Rich Little-ish sidekick and cartoon “voice actor,” wished someone would feed Michele Bachmann “some listeria-filled canteloupe.” That's wishing-someone-dead talk. The current listeria death toll is 23.

After a clip of Michele Bachmann insisting that less regulations would mean that employers like she and her husband could create more jobs, Miller chimed in:

STEPHANIE MILLER: He [Marcus Bachmann] could hire a lot more de-gayers at his de-gaying clinic. [Some movie clip is played]

JIM WARD: Someone should feed her (Michele Bachmann) some listeria-filled cantaloupe.

CHRIS LAVOIE, MILLER PRODUCER: Jim!? [Buzzer sound effect]

WARD, protesting: She [Michele Bachmann] doesn’t want food regulations, food safety or any kind of regulations of any kind!

MILLER, in mocking official tone: Jim Ward meant that in a theoretical sense and the Stephanie Miller show wishes to...

LAVOIE: Distance itself from that comment.

MILLER: Distance itself...

WARD: Put your money where your mouth is!

MILLER: Wishes to distance itself from Jim Ward in general. (Staff laughs)    

WARD: Put your money where your listeria-filled mouth is if you don't want food safety!

Maloney also highlighted that classy Miller joking that Chris Christie’s so fat his penis might be flat. Actress Edie McClurg (the secretary in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off), a Miller regular, had brought in some array of percussive musical instruments Miller described as “phallic.” She then added:

MILLER: Well yes, if someone sat on it. That’s how Chris Christie’s looks. Oh come on I don’t know that for sure! If you had a lot of weight on it, it would be flat.

LAVOIE: You can’t sit on your own thing!

MILLER: He [Gov. Christie] probably hasn’t seen his [penis] in years, how would he know?

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