Larry King Would Love South Having to Pick Mormon or Black in 2012, Behar Predicts 'Mass Suicides'

On Tuesday night's Joy Behar Show, Joy invited on Larry King to talk Michael Jackson...and a little politics. Larry endorsed Jon Huntsman as his favorite Republican candidate, and said "the one thing good about it if Romney or Huntsman got it is a Mormon against a black, what does the South do? What do they do? You`re in Alabama, oh, my gosh." Behar joked: "There would be mass suicides in Mississippi."

Behar also ran King through the usual awful-debate-crowds talking point, and King said Rick Perry was "very compassionate" on education and health care for illegal immigrants, which "they" (the conservative base) can't tolerate:

KING: Romney has his niche yet he had that Massachusetts problem with his health care. And the Governor Perry is -- you know, he wants to secede from the union.

BEHAR: He doesn`t believe in evolution or global warming, climate change.

KING: No, but on the other hand, he did some very compassionate things.

BEHAR: I know, which they can`t tolerate.

KING: They don`t know how to put up with it, like for example he believes that the child of an illegal alien should be given health care if in trouble.

BEHAR: And an education.

KING: And an education, too. Wow. A kid hit by a car, your father was escaped -- got his way into -- leave him there.

BEHAR: You saw that they booed -- or they applauded when they said a guy on a gurney who`s uninsured, what should you do with him, let him die? And they all say yeah!

KING: My favorite on personal basis of them is Jon Huntsman, who has -- he would have the best chance, in my opinion, of winning the election, but very little chance of getting the nomination because he`s too moderate and very progressive and very bright.

BEHAR: You like him because he`s almost like a Democrat maybe. You know?

KING: Well, you know, he was ambassador to China. My wife was betrothed to him.

BEHAR: She`s what?

KING: They were born like how far apart?

BEHAR: What do you mean betrothed, they were going to get married?

KING: No, they were children together.

BEHAR: I don`t think that`s what betrothed mean. You don`t mean that?

KING: I don`t know what I mean. I do know that they were children together--

BEHAR: Infants who are engaged to be married, is that what you`re telling me?

KING: When he was governor of Utah, she called him one day and asked to speak to Johnny.

BEHAR: Oh, he`s a Mormon.

KING: Yes.

BEHAR: And so is Romney, which brings me to that question, what about the Mormon factor?

KING: I don`t know.

BEHAR: Well, you know a Mormon, you sleep with a Mormon?

KING: Occasionally, when she lets me. One thing I know is they can`t run together.

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KING: Romney and Huntsman. They can`t run together.

BEHAR: No, they can`t.

KING: It would be great -- the one thing good about it if Romney or Huntsman got it is a Mormon against a black, what does the South do? What do they do? You`re in Alabama, oh, my gosh.

BEHAR: There would be mass suicides in Mississippi.

KING: Suicide, what do we do?

A few seconds later, they returned to that allegedly hilarious point when Joy pushed the idea of a gay president:

BEHAR: A gay president maybe someday? President Harvey Fierstein. The Oval Office will be pink, it will be fabulous.

KING: Won`t it be great someday, a major independent candidate is gay, the Republican is Mormon and the Democrat is black.

BEHAR: And the first lady is a man.

KING: The first lady is a man and there`s mass suicides.

BEHAR: In Mississippi.

Tim Graham
Tim Graham
Tim Graham is Executive Editor of NewsBusters and is the Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis