Ron Reagan Asserts MSNBC Has 'Some Fealty to the Truth,' Unlike That Fox Propaganda

Ronald Prescott Reagan is again making silly noises. The Radio Equalizer blog listened in on the radio show Both Sides Now with Huffington and Matalin on Saturday, when Junior Reagan boosted MSNBC (where he recently substituted for Chris Matthews hosting 'Hardball') as "a news network that actually has some fealty to the truth, unlike Fox News, which is a propaganda outfit."

Blogger Brian Maloney said Reagan was filling in, because "with Arianna busy sacking bloggers and anyone else who dares to challenge her Majesty, there's little time for the talk show."  Matalin admitted the approval rating of Congress is lower than President Obama's, but laid some of that at MSNBC's feet, which caused Junior's outburst:

 RON REAGAN: And why do you think that is?

 MARY MATALIN: 'Cause they've been demonized...

 REAGAN: We don't even have our own network that does nothing but demonization.

 MATALIN: Oh, really? Really? What do you call MSNBC?

 REAGAN: A news network that actually has some fealty to the truth, unlike Fox News, which is a propaganda outfit.

Over at The Huffington Post, they celebrate Junior Reagan's spot on the show trashing Cheney as a war criminal (how MSNBC of him). Matalin championed Cheney and his book (which she published), and then:

Ron, as energetically, observes that he won't be reading a book by a "delusional self-justifying war criminal." In Article 1 of The Geneva Convention Against Torture, "signed by my father", explicitly forbids the kind of "inhumane and aberrant infliction of physical and mental pain" that Cheney's policies allowed. "The Convention requires that we prosecute that kind of torture. You can't stand with both Dick Cheney and Ronald Reagan on this. You have to choose one or the other. I know where I stand."

Earlier: Ron Reagan says Cheney the war criminal "can't travel to Europe anymore for fear he'll end up in The Hague"

Tim Graham
Tim Graham
Tim Graham is Executive Editor of NewsBusters and is the Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis