Bill Press: Americans Could 'Do Something So Dumb' As Electing Rick Perry

Liberals fear democracy. They think the American people can be really dumb. They even admit that on the radio. On Wednesday, Bill Press worried that stupid Americans might elect President Perry:  "I think Perry is a weaker candidate than Mitt Romney, but I would not put it past the American people to do something so dumb as to elect him."

Speaking of dumb, on Wednesday on the radio, Ed Schultz tried to hold contradictory thoughts in his head: first, that Democrats should never go on Fox News. And that second, Republicans should really go on MSNBC if they want to look credible. He loved the idea of a Democrat-free FNC:

Just think if every liberal never went on Fox. Just think if everybody who supports working class Americans, just don't go on Fox! You don't have to go on Fox! The Democrats don't have to go on Fox! What the hell are you going to go on Fox for?! Hell, you got MSNBC! Republicans don't come over here.

Five minutes later, Schultz thought Tim Pawlenty was stupid not to appear on The Ed Show on MSNBC:

See, here's how stupid Pawlenty is, in my opinion, OK. This is how misguided his campaign was and how they simply were not media savvy. To go over on Fox doesn't do anything for you, other than talk to, you know, people that are in the choir, OK? If you want to make news, you gotta go where you don't have friendly fire.

Over on the Thom Hartmann show, we learned George Bush was eating out of Osama bin Laden's hand: "Bill Clinton did not overreact to [the Oklahoma City bombing]. He did not do what McVeigh wanted...George Bush did exactly what bin Laden wanted."

On Tuesday's Ed Schultz radio show, trial lawyer and Schultz substitute Mike Papantonio wanted to keep the illegal aliens and deport the Tea Party: "Listen, I say let the immigrants, send the tea party out! ... Deport the tea party, let the immigrants in, and we'll have a better America."

Over on the Mike Mallow show website "Kathy's Diary" (penned by Mrs. Mike Malloy) contained a post about Dick Cheney titled "Dead Man Talking."

Nothing sadder than seeing a member of the walking dead grasping onto the last threads of his former power and glory and using his remaining strength and time on earth to betray the people he once called friends.

Watching NBC’s Jamie Gangel interview Dick Cheney about the release of his memoir, you could almost feel sorry for him . . . . y’know, if he weren’t pure evil and all.  He still has that Hannibal Lecter-like icy stare and sneer, but he looks more hunted than hunter these days.  In fact, it appears that the only hunting Cheney is doing these days is for his portable battery charger.

“Big Time” titled his book “In My Time” and from the excerpts and interviews is seems this heartless (literally) little man is trying very hard to seem relevant and important before he draws his last breath.  Does he still breathe?

Are his other organs actually functioning, other than his heart?  I vaguely remember one time his foot was sloughing off in a desperate attempt to escape from his disintegrating body, but I digress. . . .

Cheney promised that “heads will explode all over Washington” as a result of his book, probably just another in a series of violent, bloody fantasies, but in reality the book seems to contain little new information, facts, or insights.  It’s just a mundane laundry list of revisionist history  from the twisted and tormented psyche of a very sick man, with a gnarled fist full of insults, jabs, and criticisms of other notable Bush-era political players tossed in for kicks and giggles.  You could subtitle the book “Dick Hates Everyone.”

There seems to be precious new information in this tome, other than the fact that Cheney kept a signed resignation in a safe.  Who knew we were so close?  And where was David Blaine when we needed him?  Cheney further revealed that he offered up his resignation to Chucklenutz three times, one for each heart attack, I guess.  Each time it was offered Bush refused to accept it.  But Dubya had a knack for ignoring the important documents, like “Bin Laden Determined to Strike within US,” or “Levy [sic] System in New Orleans Likely to Fail During Hurricane Katrina,” and now “Cheney Offers to Quit!”  Maybe the language in these memos was too complex for his simple brain.  He’s more on a  “My Pet Goat” level.  Oh, and The Bible.

Mrs. Malloy concluded: "Seems God created two perfect people  – Jesus Christ . . . .  and Dick Cheney."


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