How Dumb Are the Obama Haters?

How dumb do Obama fans think the American people are? Even the people around Washington DC? One example came on the oldies station Big 100.3 FM in Washington, where morning host Tommy Griffiths joked his DVR was on the blink and presented a ridiculously doctored Obama speech, with “Over the Rainbow” playing in the background. Obama was edited to say things like this (audio here):

I want damage up and down the East Coast, and power outages and flooding...Above all, I want to thank this storm. I want to thank all disasters, very much....So I’m going to make sure many Americans are still at serious risk of significant flooding and widespread power outages.

On Tuesday morning, Griffiths explained that several callers were extremely angry at this prank, even though he claimed it wasn’t political. (You cannot mock Obama and have people think it’s not political.) So he played a caller complaining she would stop listening to his show because  “There are too many stupid idiots who actually will believe he said things like that.”

You would indeed have to be a stupid idiot to fall for this joke.

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