Daily Kos: Heritage Foundation Hates America

If conservatives believe that reducing the burden of government creates economic growth, lefties at the Daily Kos have to believe the opposite: cutting government is an economic disaster. Take the Thursday  blog post by Vyan titled "Cutting our way toward 3rd World status." The target is the Heritage Foundation, which apparently wants America to be a "third world nation with no middle class," like Somalia, because of the "(Koch Funded) Heritage Idea that the U.S. should change it's constitution to require it to only spend a maximum of 18% of it's GDP and require a Super-Majority Vote to increase that spending limit." (Notice the double error on "its.")

Vyan touts how liberal radio host Thom Hartmann apparently schooled "one supporter of the Heritage Plan, and points out that the only counties with Government Spending as low as what Heritage claims we should shoot for - are Third World Nations gripped in crushing poverty." This is where Heritage is described as wanting the worst for the United States:

Is that what [the] Heritage [Foundation] wants to turn America into?  A third world nation with no middle class, just the super wealthy and the super poor with no safety net?

Yeah, I think that's exactly what they want...

You really want government completely "off your back"? Move to Somalia, see how that works out for you...

Citing some other liberal's chart of government expenditures as a percentage of GDP, Vyan chants, "We're number 144! We're Number 144! Yet Heritage would like us to drop even further down on the list.  Down around Taiwan, the Philippines, Haiti or Cambodia.  Yeah, that's American Exceptionalism."

Tim Graham
Tim Graham
Tim Graham is Executive Editor of NewsBusters and is the Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis