Shoe-Shining David Shuster: It's 'Absolutely Crazy' to Question Obama's Libya Triumph

On Tuesday's edition of the Stephanie Miller radio show, she welcomed the one she called "Dreamy News Man," the former MSNBC anchor David Shuster, now just picking up anchoring scraps from that flailing show with the terminally arrogant former sportscaster on Current TV. Predictably, Shuster pleased the persistently Obama-cheerleading Miller by suggesting the Republicans were in "Crazy-land en masse" on Libya. It's apparently "absolutely crazy" to question the patience, the firmness, the wisdom of Team Obama's foreign policy:

This just goes to show what Republicans are really after. I mean they will try and destroy and smear President Obama using anything they possibly can even if it’s completely and totally illogical. As it turns out, I mean, the President has been following the right strategy for all these many months. He’s been patient when a lot of other people haven’t. He’s been firm when a lot of other people suggested that we have no business being there. And it turned out that this has worked.

I mean, the strategy of the Obama administration and others around the world pursued of sort of helping the rebels, arming them and giving them the time and pace to sort of make their move, it’s worked. And anyone who says otherwise, anybody who says 'Oh the President was too slow' or 'Why didn’t the President move faster' is absolutely crazy!

Miller complained that the Republicans weren't giving Obama enough credit, and gave Bush credit when Osama bin Laden was killed. Shuster said the Republicans are trying really hard to "resuscitate George W. Bush," to the extent that they're considering Gov. Rick Perry, which he called "frightening." Shuster said this shows the dire state of the GOP: "They're so unhinged, they're so off the deep end, that even someone completely insane like Rick Perry can possibly get the nomination."

He suggested all the Republican candidates are losing their marbles:

We’re getting into the silly season where the press releases are going to get increasingly bizarre. It’s so clear that the Republicans, no matter who the winner is, are going to be [for] who can ever be the craziest, who can ever be the most irrational, and illogical, and cynical about the American people, that the American people are so stupid that they might believe some of this nonsense that they’re spewing.

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