National Review's Will Cain Vanishes From Spitzer Show on CNN

At the end of February, when CNN unceremoniously dumped moderate sorta-Republican co-host Kathleen Parker from Parker Spitzer after just 20 weeks, CNN implied they weren't dumping a conservative-leaning angle from the new solo-Spitzer show. On March 1, they touted the "newbies" Will Cain of National Review and ex-Fox News anchor E.D. Hill -- as contributors, not really as co-anchors. But it now appears that within two months, Cain is the newest right-leaner to be quietly exiled.

A Nexis search shows Cain hasn't been on Spitzer's new show In The Arena since May 6, more than a month ago. He was a regular until April 7, and then only appeared on April 14 and 22. E.D. Hill, by contrast, is still appearing almost nightly.

As of now, Cain remains on the In The Arena blog banner.

Cain has appeared routinely on CNN, 16 times in the last month, but most of those are on the morning "Newsroom" show. Cain isn't that far away from Parker's moderation, at least on social issues, since he announced on Sunday night to Don Lemon on CNN that "I'm a pro-life, pro-gay marriage supporter."

It's not like Cain is trying not to please Spitzer. Check out his June 9 CNN Opinion piece titled "If Weiner is 'deviant.', then maybe we all are." After listing Spitzer, Schwarzenegger, Edwards, and other politicians, Cain suggested this was all typical guy stuff, but these guys just got caught:

You could add to that list names like Thomas Jefferson, Grover Cleveland, Warren Harding, FDR, Dwight Eisenhower, JFK, LBJ, Bill Clinton and your neighbor Frank. I can't help but laugh at the collective indignation we indulge with each new story.

Because here's the difference between these guys and your average cross-section of "normal" American men: When these guys get caught, you hear about it. Let me be clear, this isn't to excuse Weiner or any of these men, I'm just saying don't be so surprised, don't be so naive, and tread a little carefully with your moralizing.

You cannot imagine what the guy in the cubicle next to you is imagining.

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