Randi Rhodes: Reagan Would Be on Rush Limbaugh's Enemies List

It’s not enough for lefty radio host Randi Rhodes to say “Thomas Jefferson would bitch-slap Rush Limbaugh so hard.” On Tuesday, she insisted Ronald Reagan would be on Rush Limbaugh’s enemies list.

Rhodes played a clip of Limbaugh saying of the Left “I don’t look at them as just simple opponents. That’s the prevailing view inWashington. Yea, they’re just the Democrats. And they’re going to win some and we’re going to win some...No no. ..The American Left with their designs on this nation are [the enemy].”

Rhodes insisted “You know, it's a good thing Ronald Reagan's not around because he'd be on Rush's enemies list.because that was Ronald Reagan's quote. 'Make your political opponents just your opponents. They’re, not your enemies,' okay? They’re just Americans who you disagree with."

She added "So Mitch Daniels said, remember, we have no enemies, only opponents.” And Limbaugh was “ignorant that he [Rush] doesn't remember that Ronald Reagan had said that, and so now he is trashing Ronald Reagan, his freaking God, his hero, his messiah! It’s so sick! It’s so sick! And then of course anyone that doesn’t agree that the Left is an enemy is an enemy, too, and so on and so on, until there’s nobody left but Rush.”

Casting people out for ideological impurity? This is a strange lecture coming from Randi, who lost one talk-radio gig for repeatedly denouncing left-winger Hillary Clinton in the spring of 2008 as a “big f—ing whore” and calling Geraldine Ferraro "David Duke in drag."

Randi Rhodes
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