Daily Kos Cheers Notion Religion May Become Extinct

The leftist atheists at the Daily Kos really know how to write headlines. Take this one: Thank god for evolution!: Religion may become extinct. The blogger with the byline Rosieeriter was delighted on Tuesday with a BBC story that says religion may become extinct in nine European countries: Australia, Austria, Canada, the Czech Republic, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Switzerland. (And another said 65 percent of Brits checked "not religious" in a poll.) This suggests the brave new front for Christian missionaries ought to be Europe and Australia. The Kosmonaut declared about the forthcoming (alleged) death of faith: 

Probably won't happen in our lifetime, but that religion is losing favor gives me hope for evolving humanity. Religion is man made not god made. I believe religion has caused more separation and harm to humans than almost anything else...

Religion is being used to exert all kinds of bad power plays on the populace. Religion seems to create Followers, Victims, Hatred and Weakness. A person does not need a religion to do good things, though many christians would argue that only christians can spread goodness and Know the right way. Any other belief system is considered the work of evil.

Our Bush warriors told us bad Muslims was the reason for the Iraq war. We know its for Oil. But its the Power hiding behind religion to encourage fear and support.

I'm against war and religion and guns.

A dkos member suggested to me in an old diary that pacifism was immaturity; that we have to be willing to fight wars to progress. Sad.

BUT, that many people in the world are now unshackling themselves from an old, primitive, destructive, divisive, belief system gives me hope that humans will evolve and finally accept the first lesson we all learned in a religion- God is Love. That was the only lesson I accepted and believe in. So in that regard, religion served its purpose for me. I learned that at 5. Why is it taking so long for so many to learn all we need to know about religion?


There's also this one from Monday -- OMG! I'm an ATHEIST! -- in which the Kosmonaut "chancew" is upset his Pentecostal mother reacted badly to him outing himself as an atheist:

She is amongst many Americans who think atheists are just a bunch of immoral people sent by the "devil" to give Christians hell. Some of us do but we are also among the people who have the biggest hearts, who would go out of our way to make sure others have food, clothes, and/or shelter. We are your brothers. Sisters. Mothers. Fathers.

But yet, so many Christians are quick to judge. If they can't follow the Bible themselves, why do they expect others to?

On another religious subject, Terry Mattingly at the media blog GetReligion wonders if the infamous Phelps family of Westboro Baptist Church sounds a little like Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell after 9/11, but also like...a pastor from Chicago named Jeremiah Wright:

However, I also heard the voice of someone else who made big headlines three or so years ago by using the same basic theological point, only with a different sin as his theological starting point and framing device. Can you say, “God damn America!”

So, here is my question: How big a leap would it have been to have included the Rev. Jeremiah Wright in this column? After all, this would have meant explaining what he said and why he said it, as well as what I mean when I say that he is using essentially the same theological approach as the Phelps crew. This would have required a big leap by the readers, to follow the thread of that analysis.

Yes, I know that. But does anyone else hear that voice?

I would say the Phelps family certainly agrees with Wright that "America's chickens are coming home....to roost."

[Hat tip on Kos to Heathen Town]

Tim Graham
Tim Graham
Tim Graham is Executive Editor of NewsBusters and is the Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis