Liberal Radio Talkers Take Polls on Japan

Several liberal talk-radio hosts are pandering to listeners by taking polls on just how despicable Republicans are in response to the horrifying disaster in Japan and the scary nuclear-power issues. The poll at Thom Hartmann's website asks:

Will the Republicans succeed in cutting Tsunami funds?

-- Yes! You gotta give tax breaks to millionaires and the money has to come from somewhere.
-- No! Even Tea Baggers want to be safe.

Surprisingly, at the time of this writing, 57 percent picked "No." A more predictable tilt came in the Ed Schultz radio show poll:

Will the disaster in Japan cause an meaningful safety reforms in the American Nuclear industry?

-- Yes, this is to horrifying to ignore (18 %) [sic]
-- No, corporate Republicans will block any reform as too expensive. (82 %) 

Going around the Web a bit, Mike Malloy's website has a box for social media, which has a link for "all those speak English in America a--holes" -- a Facebook page titled "You're In America, Speak Native American."

The Bill Press Show website has posted pictures of about 17 people protesting at the White House in favor of WikiLeaker Bradley Manning.

Tim Graham
Tim Graham
Tim Graham is Executive Editor of NewsBusters and is the Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis