Daily Kos: Scott Walker Like a Southern Slave Holder

While the mainstream media finds it tolerable to compare Gov. Scott Walker to Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak, the bloggers at Daily Kos can always stretch the slander further. The blogger "Dengre" finds Walker and his conservative ilk are quite similar to Confederate slave holders:

What thing becomes clear--as you consider the modern Republican Confederate Party's effort to attack workers, Unions, the Middle Class and their rights--is that their focus is all about the theft of labor. Stealing the labor of folks is a sure fire way to get rich and it has been since, well, forever. Fighting efforts to protect people from the theft of their labor is what the modern so-called Conservative and/or Gliberterian movements are all about.

Forget the idea that Wisconsin fought on the Union side of the Civil War. If it seems a little strained to argue that some teacher making $70,000 a year and paying nothing into his pension is some sort of fugitive slave like Dred Scott, then apparently you just haven't been swept away by Dengre's use of charts. He started with a Talking Points Memo map of states that allow collective bargaing for public employees, and those which do not: "Deeper patterns emerge when you look at a map of Free States and Slave States as of 1857 when the Dred Scott Decision opened all US Territories (and all Free States) to Slavery."

Another map put Right to Work states in red, and more "pro-union" states in blue: 

When all the States turn from Blue to Red, then the Middle Class in America will be gone. It will be over. The Government will be organized to promote and support the theft of Labor by the elites just as the government of the Confederate States of America was organized.

150 years ago we fought a Civil War over the question of the theft of labor. Now the Republican Confederate Party and their shock troops of TeaBagger simpletons seek a new battle over the theft of labor. I say we give it to them.

[Hat tip: Powder Blue Swimmer]

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