Daily Kos: Keith Olbermann Dem Donations 'a Stroke of Genius'

The Olbermann-lovers at the far-left Daily Kos blog believe in the Vast Keith Conspiracy – that Olbermann contributed to three Democrats as part of a large-scale plan to embarrass MSNBC president Phil Griffin and underline just how important and popular the left-wing bomb-throwing is, especially with young voters. In a Monday morning post titled “The Brilliance of Keith Olbermann,” the blogger “willynel” found only genius:

I think Keith knew exactly what he was doing.

I really think that what Keith Olbermann did was a stroke of genius.

I think he made a bet that this would happen, that the would be suspended and that he would get overwhelming support from his fans and his co-workers. Why else would he not say that he is sorry?

His disclosure was total. No excuses. He did it. No equivocations. It's all on him.

I think he meant to piss off Phil Griffin in the hope that Mr. Griffin would do something stupid. And he did not disappoint.

Olbermann was playing chess while Griffin was playing checkers. Or perhaps tiddly-winks...

As much as conservatives found the news of the Olbermann suspension to be invigorating, like learning Sen. Russ Feingold had been retired, apparently the passionate petitioning of MSNBC (a cyber-parade which “willynel” disclosed he marched in) was a tonic to the nutroots:

Mr. Olbermann threw down the gauntlet by saying, "I dare you to fire me!" and they blinked.

We really needed this. So did MSNBC. This was a nice morale boost.

I hope they also realize that there is money in being the opposite of Fox News. It's okay to be righteous and to quote facts instead of drivel and lies. The 18-34 year old demographic that Keith keeps pointing to when the ratings come out is who MSNBC wants to reach. Keith gets it. Rachel gets it. This group is sick and tired of being lied to. Look at the Rally to Restore Sanity. It was larger than both Beckapalooza and the March to the Left, combined. Most of the crowd was young. They can see bovine scatology a mile away, and most of these people don't watch Fox because Keith, Rachel and Jon Stewart have exposed them for who they really are, used car salespeople.

They need to take a look at CNN. They are starting to become a lighter version of Fox. Their ratings are still tanking.
Mr. Griffin has caved. Comcast will need to consider what just happened before they even think of tinkering with the lineup at MSNBC. If they do, they stand to lose a lot of money.

Nice move, Keith. Nice!

It’s fascinating that the radical left puts Jon Stewart in the same basket as Olbermann and Maddow, where he belongs. So how could reporters suggest he was going to throw a “million moderates march” without flinching?

[Hat tip: Who's Clem Zablocki?]

Tim Graham
Tim Graham
Tim Graham is Executive Editor of NewsBusters and is the Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis