In Preview Stories on Liberal NAACP Rally, Will Media Miss Ben Jealous Comparing Tea Party to Nazis?

On Thursday, The Washington Post reported plans for the liberal One Nation rally, and even used a label in reporting "liberal groups" were organizing the event that "they expect to draw tens of thousands of people." Reporter Krissah Thompson quoted organizers of the event:

"We aren't the alternative to the tea party; we are the antidote," said NAACP President Benjamin Jealous, who is also a lead organizer. The team that produces the NAACP's annual Image Awards show are putting together the One Nation rally.

But Thompson somehow missed the hubbub over Mr. Jealous recently speaking in a black church about the rally, wildly comparing the "hatred" of Obama opponents to the "period before Kristallnacht," that is, the prelude to the Nazi slaughter of six million Jews:

With massive progress comes massive backlash. And one of the reasons why we haven't stopped long enough to celebrate our victories is because of the hellfire we had to come through to get health care done. All the hatred on the radio, all the hatred on the TV. Our Jewish friends sitting around saying 'This is too much like the period before Kristallnacht.' And old black folks sitting around going 'I don't know if this is more like when my granddaddy told me about the end of Reconstruction of what I witnessed with the rise of the White Citizens Council.'

Jealous also yelled about how conservatives supposedly "hold the Koran hostage, call our president an African witch doctor? Shame on you! This is what One Nation is nation, under God with liberty and justice for all!”

Thompson and other reporters should know that conservatives think you can't beat your breast in joy about your successful lobbying for the imposition of a European-style socialist health care scheme and then exclaim your movement is advocating “liberty”....without a laugh track.

But shouldn't reporters notice these remarks -- from a protest leader, not an occasional straggler -- with the ardor they found Obama-Nazi signs at Tea Party rallies (by Lyndon LaRouche superfans)? Shouldn't networks (like ABC) who devoted stories to Jealous smearing the Tea Party as a gaggle of racists and a threat to human rights also report when Jealous starts suggesting there's an American Tea Party Holocaust around the corner?

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