CNBC's Obama Town Hall Blogger: 'This Does Seem Bigger Than Elvis! He's In the Building!'

For Monday's midday town-hall meeting on CNBC, they tagged their producer Mark Koba to live-blog the event from the site at the Newseum in Washington. Koba easily demonstrated an overwhelming enthusiasm for Obama, comparing him to Elvis Presley, before and after the event:  

11:56 am EST: This does seem bigger than Elvis. He's in the building!...

1:10 pm EST: Okay, Elvis, I mean Barack has left the room and probably the building in a few minutes. Everyone stays put till he actually does leave...the building.

Throughout the event, Koba mentioned how everyone was hanging on Obama's every precious word -- even after he explained they were instructed by producers to look interested for the cameras. Koba kept returning to Obama's calm and convincing mien:

12:24 pm EST: Mood is quiet right now. Everyone listening. You can hear a pin drop and my typing.

12:27 pm EST: Whoops, don't interrupt the president John, when he's talking about taxes, as Obama makes his case about what he thinks should be done. Got some applause on that one.

12:34 pm EST: President mentions CNBC again and how people "there" were complaining about his actions on the economy. Some mild chuckles with that, maybe even a little nervous laughter. Hey, he can "knock" CNBC even if we're hosting.

12:44 pm EST: Audience sitting straight in their chairs, as is the president. He seems very casual and comfortable, if that's saying the obvious.

12:45 pm EST: 15 minutes to go. Not as many questions as I thought there might be. The president does have long answers, but again, I don't notice any feet shuffling or yawning. Everyone's interested, or maybe looking for answers to their own questions.

12:51 pm EST: 9 minutes to go. No one's moving, just looking at the president. Heads nodding at certain points, chuckles at others.

12:55 pm EST: President doing a good job of making eye contact the whole time. He looks a questioner straight in the face and seems totally engaged with them.

One hopes that Koba got a picture with the president and an autograph for all that "Elvis is in the building" enthusiasm.

Tim Graham
Tim Graham
Tim Graham is Executive Editor of NewsBusters and is the Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis