Daily Kos F-Bombs Rush Limbaugh With Profane Rants, Blames Him for Tea Party's 'Oxygen-Starved Brains'

Here's another item for Bill Press and his ridiculous conceit that left-wingers are so much more civil than the "toxic talk" being emitted on right-wing radio. The Daily Kos blog now features a vicious, profanity-polluted blog post by "Brainspank" attacking Rush Limbaugh with the less-than-charming title the "Human S---smear." He attacks Limbaugh for spreading an idiocy infection to "oxygen-starved brains" in the Tea Party: 

If you listen to this guy and you believe a single word he says, you’re an idiot.  A lost cause.  I’m not talking to you and I’m not writing this for your benefit.  You are proof of the 1/4 paradigm.  Common sense and logic are lost on you.  The 1/4 paradigm are those that still supported Nixon after he was forced to resign.   The 25% percent who still believed in the idiot Dumbya when he left office and the rest of us in a s--tstorm.  You people are incurably stupid.  You still think Jesus Christ will be here to save you personally before you die.  I’m not talking to you.  As far as I’m concerned, you people are worthless human stains who’s only potential contribution to anything at all would be polluting the gene pool.

And you do.  You reproduce without thought and it really worries me.  A whole ‘nother round headed generation of thick tongued, uneducated, bible thumping backward ass morons.

This is all been great fun.  I’d debate the slow eyed prick bastard any day of the week.  Seriously, at a moments notice I’d take him on, and if were allowed to talk, I’d destroy him.  I would wipe the airwaves with him and I’m by no means an exception.  Just about any one of the 95% percent of Americans that don’t listen to him could acquit themselves quite nicely if given the opportunity.  We all know that’s not going to happen; callers with an opposing point of view on the "EIB" network are about as common as OxyContin addicts in the mesozoic era.

But the point is this.  He’s dangerous.  Because of him and egregious a--holes of his ilk, we have a bunch of mouth breathing idiots walking around calling themselves the Tea Party.  We have Sharron Angle and Rand Paul and a growing number of oxygen starved brains that are willing to resort to violence because of an ideology that they haven’t the capacity to even grasp.

"Brainspank" wrapped it up by hoping that Limbaugh and his dittoheads would die like crackheads: 

They are the mentally handicapped.  Unable or unwilling to think for themselves and all too inclined to let a semi clever reptile do what they honor as the intellectual heavy lifting.  They will listen and follow and worship, no matter what.

Let him have his little universe.  What would America be like with a blackout of all things S---smear?  Think about it.  A much better place.  F--- this piece of s---.  Shut him down and shut him out.  Pay no attention.  Keep moving.  Nothing to see here.

Crackheads will be crackheads and will sooner or later overdose on crack and there is not a thing we can do about it.

[Hat tip: Whistling Straights]

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