Mike Malloy: Rush Limbaugh Is a 'Filthy, Disgusting Subhuman' Who Wants Poor Kids to Starve to Death

On Thursday, leftist radio talk-show host Mike Malloy launched into another of his purple-raced rants about Rush Limbaugh. He warmed up by attacking Rep. Joe Barton's apology to BP, and how Barton is a "filthy subhuman" and Republicans are "snorting, groveling filthy pigs." What set him off about Limbaugh was the conservative host mocking the notion that children won't eat over the summer without school breakfast or lunch programs, as if parents don't feed children in the summer months. Malloy was unleashed:

Of course, for some reason, he, uh -- this filthy, disgusting subhuman -- who never has any trouble eating -- I'm sure you're aware of that from watching this gluttonous blob of goo bounce around on his TV screen. But his ability to denigrate kids. Here we have, how many million unemployed? Not like Limbaugh; Limbaugh, who gets paid $25 million, 50 million a year to be a lying shill, a scum-sucking piece of human waste for corporate America. Millions of people unemployed with kids, losing everything; and this disgusting lard just - Oh man, when the lights go out I get this guy! I swear to God I do!

After implying he would pound on (or shoot?) Rush, he insisted Limbaugh wants children to starve (and they flatter their listeners as "Truthseekers," as if that's what they're getting from Malloy):  

If Limbaugh had his way, uh, hungry kids would remain hungry kids, period. They can starve to death. Limbaugh is a filthy, disgusting personification of predatory capitalism at its worst. He's just a filthy beast. I don't understand how this woman who married him, how does she get in bed with this slob? I mean, how do you do that? How does she sit across a dinner table from him? Uhhh....never mind!

The same might be asked of Malloy, but his wife Kathy even produces his show and enjoys his delightful personality on the job as well as at home. He was really upset as he played Limbaugh joking that kids could dumpster-dive for food (an allusion to an actual how-to-eat-out-of-dumpsters video from a group called Project Dignity that Limbaugh highlighted on his old TV show):

Can you believe that this society produced a filthy human being like that? A society that has, uh, in its element, corporate America that determines this pig - this pig is worth 50 million dollars a year; that's 1 million a week! This filthy dehumanized pig is worth that? I get him when the lights are out, he's mine, there's no question about that! None!

Malloy's website linked to Hillary Clinton's right-wing conspiracy monitors for more Limbaugh-bashing. Keep remembering that Bill Press says all the "toxic talk" is coming from the conservatives.

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