Time's Halperin Warns of Far Right Costing GOP, But Channels His 'Inner Dennis Kucinich' on MSNBC

Time's Mark Halperin just wrote about bitter right-wing extremism costing the Republicans in the fall. But then he went on MSNBC's Hardball and explored his "inner Dennis Kucinich." He declared that Obama cannot trust BP because it's a for-profit business. Earth to Halperin: Isn't Time magazine (not to mention MSNBC) a for-profit business...or are profits in liberal media companies some sort of happy accident?

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Gentlemen, last question, should the President be exploring as President of the United States alternatives to relying on BP? Should he be shopping with MIT, with the other oil companies around the world? Should he be going to the smartest people in the country in terms of engineering? Not eggheads with, with Nobel prizes, but people who know how to fix engineering challenges, Red Adair types? Should he be going off looking for those people or just relying on BP? You first, Mark.

MARK HALPERIN: My inner Dennis Kucinich says absolutely. He cannot trust BP, which is a for profit company, to do stuff in the public interest.

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