MSNBC Indoctrinates: DNC Leader Tim Kaine 'Plays the Harmonica and Sings In His Church Choir'

Democratic National Committee boss Tim Kaine appeared on MSNBC's Morning Joe on Friday. When Kaine campaigned successfully for the Virginia governor's job in 2005, The Washington Post and other liberal media outlets pushed him as both pro-choice and a "devout Catholic" and a former missionary. If he was the kind of politician who brought "devout" to the office -- say, with anti-abortion or anti-euthanasia leanings -- the Post would have found it offensive, not attractive. 

So check out what MSNBC thought was the most relevant piece of Kaine's biography on Friday (and he was talking campaigns, about Rand Paul and Dick Blumenthal): he served as principal of a Catholic school in Honduras, and he "plays the harmonica and sings in his church choir." Who said the Democrats were secular?

It's reported that Kaine is a member of St. Elizabeth's parish in Richmond, which is 96 percent black. He's not pictured in the choir in that linked story. Is he in the choir now?  In a previous piece boosting Kaine's faith by NBC's Mark Murray in the liberal magazine The Washington Monthly, Murray explained he had to drop out of the choir when he was elected mayor of Richmond in 1998.

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