Wherever 14 Leftists Gather to Get Arrested, It's National News?

Pardon my harping, but it's perpetually amazing to me that tens of thousands of people can assemble every January in the nation's capital for the March for Life, and draw not a second of network TV attention. But 14 illegal-alien advocates blocked traffic in Los Angeles, and both ABC and NBC acknowledged them on the morning of May 7:

JUJU CHANG, ABC: Well, police in Los Angeles have arrested more than a dozen protesters, who chained themselves together on a downtown street, to protest the new immigration law in Arizona. 14 activists locked themselves in a circle in front of an immigration detention center, blocking traffic for about four hours.

ANN CURRY, NBC: And at least 14 people are under arrest in Los Angeles after blocking traffic for about four hours on Thursday. They chained themselves together to protest Arizona's new immigration law.

Do the networks understand that they're instructing protesters to get arrested before they get noticed, no matter how many thousands of them peacefully assemble? At the very least, ABC and NBC could have offered a few choice words from the drivers who were blocked by these protesters.

If pro-lifers took this example and decided to get arrested -- for publicity's sake, I would pick blocking an abortion clinic door, although I don't have the left-wing appetite for an arrest -- it's a good bet that if the networks noticed, it would suggest sympathy for the embattled clinic. Even if the arrested were harmless grandmothers, the networks would probably show the obligatory B-roll of the abortionist putting on a bulletproof vest.

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